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The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act) received Royal Assent on 30 November 2000. Access rights commenced on 1 January 2005. The Act gives any person, of any nationality anywhere in the world the right to request official information from a variety of public authorities (and select other bodies), subject to certain exemptions. Over 100,000 public authorities fall
<p>This document is a summary setting out the new policies that have been developed by BIG within the past 12 months and which have been screened. The policies cover a range of business areas and the report notes the outcome of the screening exercise. We have also produced a more detailed screening report which sets out further information on each individual policy, any changes made to the policy through the screening process and the screening outcome.</p> <p><a href="pub_pol_report_05.pdf">Full version of this Screening report summary</a></p>.
We have kept the work of the legacy organisations on track by maintaining high quality services to our applicants, grant-holders, key partners and stakeholders. During 2004/05, we have committed £749 million of funding through various UK-wide grant programmes

Not Forgotten (1MB)


At the start of 2004, the Big Lottery Fund launched our unique grants programme, Veterans Reunited, to give unprecedented levels of Lottery funding to allow all generations in the UK to commemorate the 60th anniversary together, both at home and abroad. We would like to thank the following partners we have worked with to successfully deliver the programme: Imperial War Museum, Ministry of Defence, COBSEO, Veterans Agency, Museums Councils UK Wide, National Library of Wales, BBC, The Royal British Legion and Heritage Lottery Fund.
In general, the majority of you agreed that the themes, outcomes and priorities provide a sensible and flexible strategic framework for our future funding. You did feel, however, that Outcome four (see page 6) would benefit from being widened and supporting more generally ‘healthier lifestyles’.

Mission and Values Scotland (1MB)


Equality and diversity are at the heart of what we do, both as an employer and as a funder. We want to make sure that people and
For many applicants, finding their way round the different trusts and grant-givers is a daunting task. At the Big Lottery Fund we will do what we can to make things simpler. We will ensure that our application materials and monitoring processes are fit for purpose. In other words, we would expect much less information for a £10,000 grant than we would for a £10 million grant.