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Here are some more materials on outcomes, measuring progress and learning:

  • The Monitoring and evaluation resource guide from CES link provides over 100 online and published books, tools, discussion papers and factsheets on all aspects of evaluation.
  • Keeping on Track: a guide to setting and using indicators from CES. This step-by step-guide aims to help organisations improve their skills in setting indictors. It also covers gathering information on these indicators and how to make use of the information you gather.
  • CES's publication 'Assessing Change: Developing and using outcomes monitoring tools' is now available
  • Toynbee Hall's Practical Guide to Outcomes Tools link provides a list of tools by sector.
  • Triangle Consulting's 'A practical guide to outcomes tools' link describes the different types of outcomes tool, their benefits, and what makes a good tool. It was originally written with homelessness organisations in mind, but maybe helpful to other sectors in which workers support clients in making changes in their lives.
  • The Office for National Statistics' Measuring Outcomes for Public Service Users project link is a three year research project reporting in 2010 to develop new and examine existing measures of the outcomes of particular public services.
  • Currently in development in the USA by Social Solutions and the Urban Institute is an Outcomes and Effective Practices Portal, an online resource to equip nonprofits with the information and measurement tools needed to enhance performance. In addition the Urban Institute has an outcome tracking-progress project with suggested outcomes and tracking-progress.