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BIG has funded the development and communication of information on a number of outcomes tools. These include:



Outcomes Stars

What is it?

The Outcomes Stars are a suite of tools which both support and measure change when working with people over time.

What can it offer?

Using these tools can motivate workers and service users, help create a support plan and provide evidence of outcomes across a project or organisation. Online versions offer the potential for benchmarking. Most versions are free to use in paper format with a small license fee for online versions.


SOUL Record

What is it?

A toolkit for soft outcome measurement researched and developed by a consortium from the Norfolk Voluntary Sector and The Research Centre, City College, Norwich

What can it offer?

The toolkit helps measure soft outcome progression and informal learning, such as increases in confidence, self-esteem and motivation. It is split into sections relevant for adults, children and young people. It uses three main methodologies: solution focused questionnaires, one-to-one worksheets and observational techniques.


Rickter Scale

What is it?

The Rickter Scale is a soft outcomes measurement tool.

What can it offer?

It is an assessment and action planning process based around a hand-held interactive board, which is designed specifically to measure soft tracking-progress and distance travelled.