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What we will ask about aims and outcomes

There are specific things we will ask about the aims and outcomes of your project
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We will ask you to be clear about your project's aim and the outcomes that you intend to achieve. What you say is an important part of the decision about which projects we fund and of the way we will monitor your funding.

When you apply to us, you will be asked for up to four outcomes. They should not be too detailed and should focus on the most important changes you want your project to make. You will also need to explain how your project outcomes support the overall programme outcomes that will be described in the programme guidance notes.

While you can identify up to four outcomes, your project may be effective by focusing on fewer outcomes than this (and in some cases, a programme may require a specific number of outcomes).

What matters is that the outcomes clearly show the change or difference that will happen for individuals, communities or organisations as a result of the project.