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What we will ask about learning

There are certain things we will ask you about learning.
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We will ask you to report on progress towards your intended outcomes, but we also encourage you to undertake self-evaluation for your own benefit.

You can do this yourself, or you can employ an outside evaluator to help you (and to support the way that you gather information to report on your outcomes to us). We believe that self-evaluation, and learning from it, helps projects and organisations to develop and improve, so we are happy to consider funding the cost of it.

The good news is that there is likely to be a big overlap between the information that you collect to report to us and what you need for self-evaluation, although you may want to collect more information for self-evaluation, depending on the particular learning you have identified as useful to your organisation, or perhaps to collaborate with others working in your field.

The guidance notes for each of our programmes will tell you whether we have any specific requirements for self-evaluation, or support in place for you. To find out more information about self-evaluation, please visit the Research pages