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What we will ask about tracking progress

There are specific things we will ask about tracking the progress of your project
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We will ask you to set outcomes, indicators, indicator levels and timescales for your project, and will use these as part of your grant contract, so it is important that you are realistic and confident about your project planning.

This should not stop you from being ambitious when you plan and set out your project. Our staff may be able to discuss your outcomes and indicators with you during the assessment of your application.

Unless the programme guidance notes indicate otherwise, we will ask you to set outcomes, indicators and indicator levels that you can achieve within the lifetime of your funding.

This means that in some cases, such as long-term improvements to health, you will probably only be able to identify outcomes in the short term. In some programmes we will only fund the first part of your project but may still ask you to identify your outcomes after funding ends if, for example, we have funded building work that then enables you to run a range of services. In such a case we are interested in how the building is used and whether it improves life for its users.

Each indicator for each outcome must include a final indicator level that shows the total change that will have happened by the end of the funding.

We ask about your plans for tracking progress as part of your application. This means that you will have to:

  • explain in your application the level of the change you hope to achieve (e.g. how many, how much) and your indicators for measuring progress towards it year on year
  • explain how you will collect information
  • report on how far you are meeting the outcomes at regular intervals, usually every year
  • tell us about any problems you have in meeting your outcomes and if necessary, work with us to overcome them or revise your approach.

We understand that circumstances change, and that you may need to adapt your measures as your project progresses. We are happy to discuss changes like this with you during the lifetime of your project.