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Sources of evidence: England

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This factsheet has links to various sources of evidence (websites, surveys and publications) which you may find helpful when estimating who will benefit from your project at the start. We have grouped these sources under a number of themes: cross theme, health, learning, security, employment and inclusion.

We expect that many projects will find the evidence they need in the websites listed under ‘cross theme’.

Remember that local authorities also collect information about the people who live in their areas and may therefore be a useful source of evidence.


Cross theme

1. Useful websites

The Office for National Statistics (ONS)
The ONS site provides the following statistical information:

  • the census
  • labour market statistics - jobs and employment
  • population and demography data including emigration and migration
  • economic and social surveys
  • regional and neighbourhood statistics.

DATA4NR (Data for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration)
The DATA4NR site identifies and signposts a range of datasets covering a range of themes at a neighbourhood level. Themes include population, deprivation and income, employment, access and transport.

Publication Hub – Gateway to UK National Statistics
This site provides access to a wide range of statistics and publications covering topics such as population, health and social care and equality and diversity. Data is available at England and regional level too.

UK Poverty Data
The latest Joseph Rowntree Foundation analysis and data on UK poverty and related issues.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)
The JRF site provides qualitative and quantitative research specific to poverty, regions and an ageing society. While the majority of research is conducted on a UK wide basis, the JRF publishes research specific to England.

The Young Foundation
The Young Foundation site provides a wide range of publications on topics including: family life, social mobility, poverty and civil society.

2. Useful surveys

General Lifestyle Survey
This is a multi-purpose continuous survey carried out by the Office of National Statistics collecting information on a range of topics from people living in private households in Great Britain. Data is available at England and regional level.

Opinions (Omnibus) Survey
This is a multipurpose social surveywhich can provide quick information about topics of immediate interest. Topics covered have included public attitudes to drinking, human rights and contraception. This website includes a number of reports relating to the survey results. Data is available at England level.

Citizenship survey
This survey covers issues such as cohesion, community engagement, volunteering and civic renewal. Reports and data are available from this site at England level.

Family Resources Survey
This survey provides facts and figures about the living conditions and resources of people in the UK today. A report of the key information collected from the 2009-10 survey can be accessed from this website. Data is available at England level.

National Travel Survey
This survey is designed to monitor long-term trends in personal travel in Great Britain. The survey collects information on where, how, why and when people travel as well as factors which affect personal travel such as car availability, driving licence holding and access to key services. Data is available at Great Britain level.

Integrated Household Survey
This is a composite survey which consists of several units:  the General Lifestyle Survey, Living Cost and Food Survey, English Housing Survey, Labour Force Survey, Life Opportunities Survey. Themes include economic activity, education, health and disability and income. The results from the latest survey are available on this site. Data is available at England and occasionally regional level too.

Active People Survey
This survey measures participation in a range of activities including volunteering. The latest survey results are available from this site. Data is available at England, regional, county and district level.

3. Useful publications

Social trends
Social trends draws together social and economic data from a wide range of sources to provide a comprehensive guide to UK society today and how it has been changing. It covers a range of subjects including health, education, population, lifestyles and social participation. Data is available at England level.

How fair is Britain? The first triennial review (2010)
This report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission brings together evidence from a range of sources, including Census data, surveys and research, to paint a picture of how far what happens in people’s real lives matches up to the ideals of equality. Data is available at England level.

Sinking and swimming: understanding Britain's unmet needs (2009)
This report by the Young Foundation explores how psychological and material needs are being met and unmet in Britain. The report is based on the analysis of statistical data, case studies, surveys and hundreds of conversations with people across the country. Data is available at England level.

Religion or belief
This briefing paper presents recent statistical data in Britain on a range of issues relating to religion or belief.

Refugees and asylum seekers: a review from an equality and human rights perspective (2010)
This report examines the situation of asylum seekers and refugees from an equality and human rights perspective. Due to the limited availability of official data, this report draws strongly on qualitative and more localised studies.

Inequalities experienced by Gypsy and Traveller communities: A review (2009)
This report draws together the evidence from across a wide range of Gypsies’ and Traveller’s experiences in order to set out clearly the full extent of the inequalities and discrimination they face.

Poverty and ethnicity: A review of evidence (2011)
This paper summarises current evidence on poverty and ethnicity in six areas: education, work, caring, social networks, the role of places and inequality within ethnic groups.


Health profiles
This website provides links to health profiles that give a snapshot overview of health for each local authority and region in England.

Health statistics Quarterly
This webpage links to a variety of health statistic issues and articles. The data is available at England level and occasionally regional level too.

Health Survey for England
This annual survey aims to measure health and health-related behaviours in adults and children in England. Data is available at England and regional level.

Indications of public health in the English regions4: Ethnicity and health
This report provides a comprehensive regional analysis of inequalities in health and health care between ethnic groups in England, and also examines workforce data by ethnic group

Mental health facts and figures
This webpage provides facts and figures on various aspects of mental health.


Research and statistics gateway
This web page provides a huge range of education statistics and information resources, for example quarterly exclusions, qualifications, higher education. Data is available at England and regional level.

School and college performance tables
This web page provides a series of achievement and attainment tables. The data is available at regional level.

Education and Young People
This Stonewall website provides information on homophobia in the education system. Data is available at Great Britain level.

Participation in Education, Training and Employment by 16-18 Year Olds in England
This web page draws together information from the different post-16 learning options to give a comprehensive picture of the participation of 16-18 year olds. Data is available at local authority level.


Hate Crime statistics
This web page provides published statistics during 2009 on hate crime by force location and equality strand. Data is available at England level.

Violence against women (2010 - 2011)
This web page provides a link to a UK report on violence against women.

Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System (CJS)
This publication reports information on the representation of black and minority ethnic groups as suspects, offenders and victims within the CJS. Data is provided at police force area level.

Public confidence in the Criminal Justice System (CJS) (2010)
This report provides an overview of public confidence in the CJS during the period 2002/3 to 2007/8. It draws together findings from the British Crime Survey (BCS) and considers both the national (England and Wales) and local level picture.

Equality groups’ perceptions and experience of crime 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10
This briefing uses the British Crime Survey to understand the different equality group’s expectations about being insulted and their experience of intimidation, threats, violence and crime. It also analyses the experience and reporting of hate crime.

Differential treatment in the youth justice system (2010)
This study presents new evidence to help explain how young people are brought into the youth system and what happens to them as they pass through it.


Official Labour Market Statistics
This website provides information on claimant count and jobcentre vacancies. The data is available at council and small area level.

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings
This survey provides information about the levels, distribution and make-up of earnings and hours paid for employees within industries, occupations and regions. Some data is available at Scotland level but most is available at UK level.

Equality group inequalities in education, employment and earnings (2008)
This report presents a review of data on the relationship between education, employment, income, social class and group-based inequalities relating to gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation.


Monitoring poverty and social exclusion (2011)
This UK-wide report provides a range of poverty and social indicators and highlights the challenges for government, looking at long term trends and more recent changes resulting from the recession.

Poverty and ethnicity in the UK (2007)
This report represents a wider-ranging review of literature relating to poverty and ethnicity. Data is available at England level.

Publications on Statutory Homelessness data
This web page provides data on the number of households accepted as homeless by Local authorities, those in temporary accommodation and those in B&B as well as rough sleeping. Data is available at England and regional level.

Households below average income
This report presents information on potential living standards in the United Kingdom as determined by disposable income in 2008/09, and changes in income patterns over time. Data is available at England and regional level.

English Housing Survey
This survey covers a range of indicators, overcrowding and fuel poverty. The latest report is available from this site. Data is available at England and regional level.