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Sources of evidence: Northern Ireland

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This factsheet has links to various sources of evidence (websites, surveys and publications) which you may find helpful when estimating who will benefit from your project at the start. We have grouped these sources under a number of themes: cross theme, health, learning security, employment and inclusion.

We expect that many projects will find evidence they need in the websites listed under ‘cross theme’.

Remember that councils also collect information about the people who live in their area and may therefore be a useful source of evidence.


Cross theme

1. Useful websites

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA)
NISRA is the principal source of official statistics and social research on Northern Ireland’s population and socio-economic conditions.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS)
The ONS site provides the following statistical information, some of which is applicable to Northern Ireland:

  • the census
  • labour market statistics – jobs and employment
  • population and demography data including emigration and migration
  • economic and social surveys
  • regional and neighbourhood statistics

UK Poverty Data
The latest Joseph Rowntree Foundation analysis and data on UK poverty and related issues.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)
The JRF site provides qualitative and quantitative research specific to poverty, regions and an ageing society. While the majority of research is conducted on a UK wide basis, the JRF publishes research specific to Northern Ireland.

The Young Foundation
The Young Foundation site provides a wide range of publications on topics including: family life, social mobility, poverty and civil society.

2. Useful surveys

NI Continuous Household Survey (CHS)
The CHS is one of the largest surveys carried out in NI based on a sample of private households. It is designed provide a regular source of information on a wide range of economic and social issues similar to GB’s General Lifestyle Survey.

NI Omnibus Survey
The Omnibus Survey is carried out on a regular basis to provide a snapshot of the lifestyle and views of the people of NI. Topics covered have included public attitudes to religion, education, employment and income.

NI Family Resources Survey (FRS)
The FRS provides facts and figures about the living conditions and resources of people in NI today.

3. Useful publications

How fair is Britain? The first triennial review (2010)
This report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission brings together evidence from a range of sources, including Census data, surveys and research, to paint a picture of how far what happens in people’s real lives matches up to the ideals of equality. Some data within this publication is specific to Northern Ireland.

Sinking and swimming: Understanding Britain’s unmet needs (2009)
This report by the Young Foundation explores how psychological and material needs are being met and unmet in Britain. The report is based on the analysis of statistical data, case studies, surveys, and hundreds of conversations with people across the country.

Statement on key inequalities in Northern Ireland (2007)
This report from the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland presents statistical information on key inequalities in NI across various sectors including: health, education, employment, security and inclusion. Some of the data in this report is presented on a regional basis.


DHSSPSNI: Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Inequalities Monitoring System Bulletin
This site comprises various indicators which are monitored over time to assess area differences across morbidity, utilisation and access to health services. There is also a comparison of the Section 75 group profiles of the areas with the 20% worst outcomes in Northern Ireland.

Health and Social Wellbeing Survey (HSW)
The HSW surveys focus on a range of different health issues including cardiovascular disease, mental health and ill-health, physical activity, smoking and drinking.

DHSSPSNI: Statistics and research
This mini-site provides a wide range of health statistics in NI relating to morbidity, ill-health, activity levels, alcohol misuse and smoking, and health inequalities.

All-Ireland Traveller Health Study (2010)
This is the first study of Traveller health status and health needs that involve all Travellers living in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The report provides a range of qualitative and quantitative data on Traveller mortality, life expectancy, substance misuse and quality of life.


DENI: Statistics and Research Branch
This mini-site provides statistical information primarily on gender and age in relation to enrolments, attendance, attainment and participation in further education.

Young Persons Behaviour and Attitudes Survey
This school-based survey gathers the views of 11-16 year olds on a range of topics including: school, social support, subject choices and next steps and wider issues.


PSNI Statistics database
This incident and crime statistics database primarily presents data relating to age, race and gender in relation to a number of crimes against the person. Quarterly and annual reports are published on this site and regional data is available.

NI Crime and Justice Survey (CJS)
The CJS site is a large scale survey to provide measures on experiences of crime, safety from crime and self-reported offending among the general population.

PSNI Quality of Service Survey
This survey provides an assessment of satisfaction levels associated with the service provided by the police as reported by victims of crimes of theft, acts against the person and race motivated crimes.


Labour Force Survey
The LFS is a continuous household survey with the main purpose of providing information on the labour market in NI. Data sets include statistical information on employment, unemployment, economic inactivity, income qualifications, training and disability.

DETI: Statistics, Research and Publications
This site provides online library of statistics and research on the Northern Ireland economy and labour market. Publications detailing the findings of surveys and quantitative research are published annual on a NI basis.


Travel Survey
The Travel Survey provides information on how families and individuals in NI use different forms of transport to meet their travel needs.

Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland 2009
This report presents an update of findings from an earlier report published in 2006. The report covers a wide range of topics including employment and housing.