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Small grants up to £10,000

Find out which small grant is right for you

We currently offer three different grants of up to £10,000 in Scotland. If you aren't sure where to start, Awards for All Scotland is our broadest funding programme, so is probably the fund you should look at first.

But if you are an existing organisation testing a new idea, have a look at Investing in Ideas.

Awards for All Scotland

Grants for community and charitable projects, sports activities, events, startup costs and more. We prioritise smaller groups that haven't had an Awards for All grant recently.

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Investing in Ideas

Grants to help your organisation test a new idea or try out a new way of working, including running a pilot or conducting feasibility work.

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Hints and tips

Visit our blog for lots of hints and tips on how to make a strong application. See which common questions have been asked and answered. Get assistance with which pitfalls to avoid!

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