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Replicating success

Learning from successful projects
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Replicating Success

The Big Lottery Fund is always keen to understand why the projects it funds are successful. If we can understand why projects are successful, we can share this information to help others replicate this success.

In recent years, we have funded a number of programmes to help develop our understanding of the factors that contribute to the idea of replicating success – these have included:

We have also funded ICSF to explore what can be achieved when social ventures are able to reach scale through replication.

How do I find out more?

We have a range of tools and materials available on the subject of replication including:


Guidelines to support replication

This resource is key reading for anyone thinking about supporting interventions and organisations to replicate. The guide offers 10 key areas for consideration covering everything from what the support should look like to how to measure the success of the intervention.

Guidelines to identifying interventions for replications

This is an essential guide for anyone interested in commissioning or funding replication. The guide considers 10 areas including the variety of business models used for replication, the standards of evidence required and organisational readiness for replication.


Realising Ambition final process evaluation report
This report shares the learning from a three year evaluation of the Realising Ambition programme processes. It reflects on the challenges of replication, explores the adaption required to successfully replicate, reflects on the impact of replication on organisations; and describes the support that is most useful to projects trying to replicate.

Realising Ambition first process evaluation report
Realising Ambition first process evaluation summary
Realising Ambition second interim process evaluation report
Realising Ambition second interim process evaluation summary

Realising Ambition Programme Insights

Realising Ambition does not plan to have a single formal final evaluation. Instead, they produce regular ‘programme insights’ – short, user-friendly summaries of ongoing learning.

New! Programme Insight: Proving vs. Improving

This is the fourth in our series of Realising Ambition programme briefings. It looks at interim data on the outcomes of beneficiaries served by projects over the last three and a half years. The document looks in more detail at subjects including:

  • Reflections and learning on the Realising Ambition Outcomes Framework and the data emerging from it
  • Aggregated data on outcomes from a sample of the projects that have now been completed
  • Reflections on the process of supporting projects to monitor beneficiary outcomes.

NOTE: Previous Programme Insights can be found via the What Works When Replicating section of our Online Community.

Presentations and blogs from the ‘Getting to grips with replication’ seminar series

Seminar 1: The 'why' and 'how' of replication

Seminar 2: Delivering replication in practice

Seminar 3: Monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement

Other resources and links