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Continuing your project after your grant
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Sustainability - the continuation of the benefits or activities of your project after your grant ends - is something we know our grantholders sometimes struggle with. Sustainability means different things for different projects, beneficiaries and organisations. Sometimes it’s about getting funding to continue running a project, but it can also mean:

  • creating a lasting legacy
  • the impact the project has on the wider community
  • building organisational capacity and skills
  • influencing changes in policy and practice

Getting to know what organisations’ experiences of the end of their projects are has helped us understand what works when it comes to running a more sustainable project.

Even if a project is not going to continue after a grant ends, it is important to think of how to go about decreasing the effect of your project’s end on its beneficiaries (exit strategy).

What works

It is useful to make time to start thinking about the sustainability of your project from the start. That way you can build activities in to the project that will make the continuation of your work more likely, if this is what you are aiming to do. There are a number of things you can do to help. These include:

Our thematic review of project sustainability has suggestions for how you can develop some of these strengths and examples of projects that have used these factors to aid their sustainability.