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Mae'r wefan hon yn dangos cynnwys sy'n berthnasol i holl wledydd y DU. Newidiwch hyn gan ddefnyddio'r hidlyddion gwlad isod neu dewiswch Iawn i dderbyn. Mae'r wefan hon yn defnyddio cwcis.

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This is the third report on the Improving Futures programme, and it focusses on good practice developed by the funded projects. The programme was launched by the Fund in March 2011. The programme provided funding to 26 pilot projects across the UK, to test different approaches to improve outcomes for children living in families with multiple and complex needs.
The impact of isolation and loneliness on mortality has been estimated to be equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The Reconnections Social Impact Bond (SIB) aims to directly reduce loneliness and isolation for 3,000 people over the age of 50 in Worcestershire. Reconnections is the first social impact bond (SIB) in England aimed at reducing loneliness and social isolation. This in-depth review report of this SIB is the second of a series being produced as part of CBO Fund Evaluation.